01. My parents [supported] me when I studied abroad.
02. Many people are [supportive] of gender equality for salaries, but don't want to pay the extra taxes required to finance the necessary legislation.
03. British philosopher Bertrand Russell once remarked, "It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could [support] this."
04. John Howe once observed that character is power; it makes friends, draws [support], and opens the way to wealth, honor and happiness.
05. I don't think this shelf is strong enough to [support] all the stuff you've put on it.
06. My company has been highly [supportive] of my efforts to learn English.
07. You're a great friend - any time I feel down, you're always really [supportive]. You talk to me, and try to cheer me up, and I really appreciate it.
08. My family and friends have always been [supportive] of my decisions.
09. There is a Chinese proverb which notes that a single beam cannot [support] a great house.
10. At 12,000 feet above sea level, there is barely enough oxygen in La Paz, Bolivia to [support] combustion, which means that the city is nearly fireproof.
11. A good relationship is one in which each person is [supportive] of the other.
12. In 1961, Cuban exiles, [supported] by the U.S., tried and failed to regain power in Cuba.
13. [Supportive] networks between female relatives in Barbados have traditionally been especially strong.
14. Directly east of Latvia is Russia, a former enemy, and now a strong [supporter] of Latvian independence.
15. Morocco has to import a lot of its food because the desert climate affects its ability to grow enough food to [support] its population.
16. In April of 1828, Russia declared war on Turkey to [support] Greece's battle for independence.
17. Your computer chair should be adjustable, and should provide good back [support].
18. Anna works as a computing [support] assistant in a large insurance company.
19. A typical elephant day is spent in the 16 hours of feeding that it needs to [support] its great size.
20. Her uncle [supported] her financially when she was in college and university.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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